Graphic Design is my passion as a profession and in general. I couldn't help but create the documents in this blog to make my life easier. I hope they make your life easier as well.

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Keep track of your class, the scouts, activity days, or the whole primary
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This pedigree was inspired by my sister's wedding invitations, also a goal in the faith in god book.
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Lost your book? No problem, all of the goals are listed on 2 sheets (or one double sided paper) in the files below.
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Below are handouts for certain Faith in God Goals
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    "To help boys and girls ages 8 through 11 live gospel principles, develop testimonies, build friendships, and prepare to receive the Aaronic Priesthood or become a righteous young woman."
    Faith in God Guidebook

    Basic Requirements

    An important part of faith in God is keeping your baptismal covenant and staying spiritually strong. To help you develop faith and resist temptation, do the following things:

    • Pray daily to Heavenly Father.
    • Read the scriptures regularly.
    • Keep the commandments and live “My Gospel Standards” 
    • Honor your parents and be kind to your family.
    • Pay your tithing and attend tithing settlement.
    • Attend sacrament meetings and Primary regularly.

    Other Requirements

    The following activities will help your understanding & testimony of the gospel grow:

    • Write your testimony.
    • Memorize the Articles of Faith and explain what they mean.
    • Complete activities in the guidebook 
    • Have an interview with a member of your bishopric or branch presidency.


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